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Four Things to Consider In Choosing a Wall Decoration for Kid’s Room

Bambi The Deer Head Wall Decoration - Rattan Kids Animal Wall Head

First of all, it is very important to choose the size of the wall decoration for kid’s room according to where do you place. For size, you can see it directly in the product description because we will not discuss it here. Now, we will explain what things you need to pay attention to before […]

Baby Girls Room Decoration Ideas, from Babies to Teens

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Choosing baby girls room decoration ideas is a fun and exciting process, because their tastes will usually change as adults. A girl may spend more time in her bedroom than any other room. So, it is important for parents to decorate a room that reflects their unique personality. Infants to toddlers When a one year […]

Tips For Choosing a Safe and Comfortable Baby Crib for Your Little One

Mentari Baby Crib - Rattan Kids Furniture

For young parents who are looking forward to the birth of their baby, they are currently hunting for everything they need, like a safe and comfortable baby crib. For young parents who have their first baby and are busy with work, maybe they don’t know much about how to choose items that are safe and […]

5 Tips for Choosing Furniture for Kid’s Bedrooms

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5 Tips for Choosing Furniture for Kid’s Bedrooms – Various tips for choosing and finding suitable children’s bedroom furniture so that it makes children feel at home for a long time in the room. Arranging the interior of a kid’s bedroom is indeed a tricky job. Why is that? Because children who are still minors […]

5 Best Baby’s Room Decoration Tips

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Approaching the birth of the baby, every parent must be anxious about preparing everything, including the baby’s room decoration. As one of the things parents usually prepare. Of course, the baby’s bedroom also needs to be designed as well as possible. In general, parents buy all the furniture that the baby will use. Though usually […]