Rattan Kids Furniture are furniture wholesaler and manufacturer. We operate a factory that specializes in using rattan, synthetic materials, rope, resin, solid wood, and wood materials. We transform these materials into furniture, home decorations, and lamps that complement the furnishings in your home.

Our location is in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. We offer a range of natural rattan furniture for both children and adults, as well as natural rattan decorations that enhance the beauty of your home, including dividers, baskets, and lamps. Additionally, we craft outdoor garden items from synthetic materials, employing aluminum, iron, and teak wood frames.

Discover the Finest Rattan Furniture: Wholesaler and Manufacturer Excellence

In general, natural rattan furniture and decorations lend themselves well to placement in your home. They infuse your living space with a boho style that emanates natural vibes. Natural rattan holds great appeal for many individuals. Not only does it imbue the home with a natural atmosphere, but it also fosters a stronger connection with nature. Additionally, it imparts a warm touch to your living environment.

Concerning outdoor garden furniture items, we design this line of furniture specifically for outdoor placement. It caters to those who enjoy activities outside of their homes. We ensure the durability of our furniture across all weather conditions. This is achieved by using water-resistant materials such as synthetics, rope, iron, and aluminum.

If you’re embarking on a hotel or restaurant project, we’re here to assist you in bringing your design to life with outdoor-friendly materials. If you’re interested in initiating this collaboration, kindly complete the form provided below.

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    Why should Us ?

    Rattan Kids Furniture is a manufacturer and worldwide exporter of Wooden Furniture, Rattan & Natural Fiber Furniture, Craft and Home Decor Accessories from Indonesia since 1993. Our furniture is available for indoor and outdoor use for retail, wholesale, and also project.

    Our head office located in Surakarta (Solo), Central Java, Indonesia. Our Showroom and production facilities located in Cirebon.

    Our Indoor Wooden Furniture made of Teak, Mahogany, Mindy, Acacia and another type of Indonesian Wood. Our Outdoor Furniture made of Teak, Alloy Casting, Aluminum Pipe, Stainless Steel, Synthetic Rattan, and bathyline. Our Rattan & Natural Fiber furniture made of skin of rattan, croco, water hyacinth, sea grass, and another natural fiber. Our craft and home decor accessories made of wood, terracotta, terrazzo, fabric, and various natural fibers assorted from all over Indonesia.

    Yes we can, as long as the design is suitable with the material and production method requested. What you have to do is send us your designs by e-mail, complete with the measurement and specification you preference then we will carry on.

    a. Mahogany Furniture without carving 7-8 weeks
    b. Mahogany Furniture with carving 9-10 weeks
    c. Mahogany Furniture with exceptional design or hard carving 11-12 weeks
    d. Indoor Teak Furniture 8-9 weeks
    e. Rattan and Natural Fiber Furniture 6-7 weeks
    f. Bamboo Furniture 6-7 weeks
    g. Synthetic Rattan Furniture 7-8 weeks
    h. Garden Teak Furniture 8-10 weeks
    i. Alloy Casting Furniture 8-10 weeks
    j. Aluminum Pipe and Stainless Steel Furniture 7-8 weeks
    l. Lighting, Craft and Home Decor Accessories 6-7 weeks

    If there is some defective product, please send us report with detail pictures maximum 1 months after unloaded. We can analyzes together the damage, if it couses from our side, we will responsible for this. Damage in shipping and unloading process are not covered.

    a. Irrevocable L/C
    b. T/T with 30% Down Payment and the rest 70% payment against documents.