Did you know that there are various types of rattan material in the Oval Baby Crib? Now, we will tell you the types of rattan we use when making our Rattan Oval Baby Bassinet which can make your baby more comfortable in sleeping.

  1. Rattan Lasio is rattan with a thinner size that is useful for binding rattan 1 to other rattan. Our craftsment use this kind of technic to strengthen each other and make items very sturdy.
  2. Mandola rattan is types of rattan material with the specification removal of the skin of the rattan. But not to the core/content of the rattan so it still looks fiber.
  3. Jawit rattan is rattan material with skin, it’s just create for make it even more beautiful.

Another very interesting piece of information regarding this 3 materials. This baby crib oval rattan material cannot be colored because it will damage the material of the rattan itself.

We use natural rattan materials that are safe for use in children’s furniture. Not only as a form of security, but also our concern for your children who also deserve to have comfortable activities at home.

So what are you waiting for to buy the oval baby crib item?