Choosing baby girls room decoration ideas is a fun and exciting process, because their tastes will usually change as adults. A girl may spend more time in her bedroom than any other room. So, it is important for parents to decorate a room that reflects their unique personality.

Infants to toddlers

When a one year old girl moves into her private room, it is time to start thinking about decorating the nursery. Pink is a very popular color for baby girls room decoration ideas.

However, you can also choose soft yellow, purple, or pretty teal colors. And this is the perfect time to try a wall decoration. You can choose animal wall head from our gallery for your kids wall decoration.

When you are done with the walls, you can find a good rug for the floor. Your little one will learn to crawl and walk in this room. So choose a rug that feels soft to the touch, so you are encouraged to get down on the floor to play with it.

Toddlers Age

If your little daughter hadn’t gone into a toddler bed by the time she was two, she would be ready to sleep in her own bed by now. Adding a play corner to a three year old girl’s room is a great idea.

A small tip or tent in the corner of the room or a taller bed with a playroom underneath are some great ideas for a 3 year old girl’s room.

They can give your daughter a private place to play with her toys. This will make the child feel special and help foster creativity and independence.

Kindergarten age

When your daughter is five years old, she may start reading, so this is a good time to add a bookshelf to her room. Several wall-mounted shelves according to the beloved princess’s height are the perfect start.

Adding books to her room will encourage her to pick up books and develop a love of reading. If you want a more vintage feel, you can use several stacked crates to create a bookshelf.

By now your daughter may as well have gone beyond the toddler bed. Therefore, she may be ready for twin or double beds. Let him also choose his new bed. Disney princess beds are usually a favorite.

Elementary school age

Your seven year old daughter definitely has to go to school and it’s about time she gets her own table. Look for a large desk surface and a few drawers for her to store her school supplies.

Make sure he has a comfortable chair to sit on. Also consider adding a little faux fur rug under the table to make the area more fun.

A storage box is one of the necessary decorations in a nine year old girl’s room. At this point, girls will collect a lot of toys, clothes and other items.

If there is a cupboard in the room, try adding a few more shelves in it. If the room doesn’t have a wardrobe, you can buy a small shelf and some boxes of cloth so your daughter can tidy up and organize her room in style.

Teenage age

Your daughter is a teenager ready to take over her bedroom decorations. Let her choose a new paint color that, and don’t forget to add some motivational quotes to add to her walls.

Adding some grown-up touches to her room like a chandelier lamp or some twinkling lights will really celebrate your daughter’s transition to her teenage years. Apart from that placing the dresser and adding a floor-level mirror can really transform your daughter’s room in a more mature direction. Happy decorating!