For young parents who are looking forward to the birth of their baby, they are currently hunting for everything they need, like a safe and comfortable baby crib. For young parents who have their first baby and are busy with work, maybe they don’t know much about how to choose items that are safe and comfortable for babies. One mistake that often occurs is when choosing a baby crib.

So, to make you not wrong in choosing a baby crib, here are tips from us when you want to choose a safe and comfortable baby crib and bassinet.

Baby Crib with Fences

Baby crib fences are a component that you really need to pay attention to. Make sure that your baby crib fence is strong and also make sure that the fence is safe for your baby. Choose a crib with a distance between the fence lattices of no more or less than 6 cm, because if it is too wide or too narrow it can make baby’s hands or feet tucked between the crib fences.

Safe and Comfortable Matress for Baby Crib

A good baby crib mattress is a mattress that has a length and width according to the size of the baby crib . Do not use a mattress that is narrower or wider than the crib size. This can make your baby uncomfortable while sleeping or while in the crib. Also make sure that the crib mattress is soft and warm for your baby.

Design and Size of Baby Crib

Design and Size of Baby Crib Even though the design is simple, pay attention to its function and comfort and safety for your baby. Choose a baby crib with the right design and size for your baby. Make sure the baby crib for your baby is sturdy, not easily fragile or not harmful to your little one’s health. Make sure the baby crib is safe even though your little one is getting bigger.

And try to choose a baby crib without wheels to make sure the crib doesn’t slide or shake easily. That’s the thing you need to pay attention to when choosing and buying a safe and comfortable baby crib for your baby. Hopefully this article is useful and your little one will find a safe and comfortable baby crib.