Maybe some of you are also confusing about the difference between a baby bassinet and a baby cot? So this time I want to explain briefly first the difference between a baby bassinet and a baby cot

For young families who have just had children, of course, they will be confused in choosing a baby bed. In choosing a baby cot or baby basinnet, most may not understand how to choose a good.

A baby bassinet is a bed that is used specifically for your baby, usually specifically for babies aged 0 – < 12 months. Usually, this baby basin is much sought after by young mothers for the baby’s bed.

A baby cot is a bed that is used specifically for your child who is <12 months old, here usually the bed is bigger than the size of the baby bassinet, this is adjusted to the child’s age because at the age of 12 months the child will need a wider bed because it has started to move very much.

How to Choose between Baby Cot and Baby Bassinet

Between these two cribs, many mothers buy them just to make mothers calmer. They think about the comfort of their babies. This is what mothers are looking for when buying a baby crib.

Currently, the baby bassinet itself has many models that make mothers more comfortable. The baby bassinet with rocking legs will make it easier for mothers to put their babies to sleep at night. I have a few examples of baby bassinets with rocking feet.

Kaitly baby basin is a baby bed that is very sturdy because it uses legs with rocking iron material. This will greatly facilitate you as a parent to put your baby to sleep, especially at night. Other materials using natural materials derived from rattan which are designed by our designers and made by our craftsmen will make your baby feel the warmth of nature.

Natural Rattan Material

Many mothers also crave Baby bassinets that use natural materials that will be easy to move. Zoey baby bassinet is one of the baby bassinets that knockdown type, with all materials using natural rattan. This Zoey baby bassinet is not very heavy so it will make it easier for mothers to move the basin to a more affordable place for you.

For baby cots, we have a selection of items, one of which is Jute rattan baby cot.
Mom can see directly that the size of the baby cot and the baby basin is very different. There is a height adjustment that is higher than the baby bassinet.

We create this to make your baby safer when learning to stand in his bed. You no longer need to worry about its safety. Rattan baby cot is one of the beds that we specially designed for your kids who is learning to stand. Our craftsmen create Jute rattan baby cot directly. Your kid’s room will look very warm when use our Jute rattan baby cot.

So what about you, do you understand the difference between a baby cot and a baby bassinet? Hopefully, this article helps mothers as a mother’s reference in choosing a baby bed. So which bed would you like to buy for your baby?