Safe Bassinet – The safest place for baby to sleep is usually in baby’s own bassinet; however, bassinets are increasing in popularity do not take a lot space, especially for families living in apartments or smaller houses.

To make the bassinet as safe as possible, do not place cushions, pillows, or toys in it. These objects may suffocate your child. Other than the blanket used to swaddle him in and a pacifier, your baby will not need anything extra to sleep comfortably.

Things that to look for in a bassinet

Make sure all four sides of the bassinet are at least 300mm higher than the top of the mattress base to stop baby falling out. Firm, flat mattress that is the correct size for your chosen bassinet – the mattress should be no thicker than 75mm in thickness. Good breathability zones on all four sides to reduce the risk of suffocation and to provide good ventilation for baby.

Things that to be avoid

No decorative trims, ribbons, or thick padded sides – these increase the risk of overheating and suffocation. Bassinets made of cardboard – these are not suitable for the Australian climate as humidity and dampness can lead to accidental breakage when in use.

Once baby showing signs of being able to roll, it’s time to move baby to a safe cot – this is usually around four months, but it will depend on your baby.

How to make up your safe bassinet

Ensure the mattress is firm and flat, and the correct size for your chosen bassinet. Use only safe bedding – choose either lightweight sheets or blanket, firmly tucked in and only pulled up to the level of baby’s chest, or a safe sleeping bag – one that’s well fitted across the neck and chest, with baby’s arm out, and no hood.

Keep baby’s face and head uncovered, and do not leave any loose items in the cot such as soft toys, comforters, or thick underlays such as lamb’s wool. Dress baby to the temperature of the room making sure they are comfortably warm, but not hot – remove all beanies and hats for sleep.

Just make sure that keep baby’s smoke free, before and after birth – never smoke where baby sleeps.