There are four points that you must pay attention to when choose a kids chair. Come on, see the full explanation below.

Adjust the type to the purpose of use

Kids chairs are generally divided into three types. Choose the best type according to the location and time of using the baby chair. Here we explain the differences in each type.

High chair, durable and suitable for use on a high table

If you want your kids to eat at a high table like a dining table, choose the kids high chair type. You can control the child who is sitting without bending down because it is the same height as an adult chair.

Then, if you want to use it for food only, choose a product whose footrest height can be adjusted according to the child’s growth. The high chair is equipped with a footrest that is more stable and makes the child calmer when eating. If the chair footrest is adjustable, your child can even use it until he or she is in Elementary School (SD).

If you want a product that can be stored after use, we recommend a foldable high chair. However, high chairs made of wood are usually sturdy and heavy so they are difficult to move around. If you want a product that is easy to carry and move, a plastic high chair that can be folded is the right choice.

Low chair, stable and can be used for eating and playing

If you are looking for a baby chair that is not only used for eating, choose the low chair type. Because the seat is low, your little one won’t fall over easily. In addition, the low chair type can be used for various activities, for example as a chair when children draw or play. Compared to high chairs, low chairs have more variations in shapes and materials. In fact, some that have been used since infancy can lift and hold their head.

However, there are some low chair products that cannot be used on children who cannot sit stably. In addition, each baby’s development is not the same. Sometimes, there is a low chair whose size is not suitable for your child, even though age is suitable. So, don’t forget to pay attention to the size of the product and adjust it to your baby’s size.

Unlike the high chair, the low chair type cannot be used by adults. The largest size of the low chair is only until the age of elementary school (SD). Because many low chairs are sold at affordable prices. You can buy it as your child’s first baby chair.

Table chair, practical and easy to carry

For those of you who want to enjoy eating out with kids, this type of table chair is the right choice. You just need to install it on any table. This way, you and your little one can eat at cafes and restaurants. Usually, this type is equipped with a bag so that it is easy to carry anywhere.

However, before buying, make sure the thickness is in accordance with the thickness of the table that will be installed the table chair. Generally, the thickness of the table chair has been determined so that it cannot be installed on a table that is too thin or too thick. Also pay attention to the presence of a barrier on the table because the chair may not be completely attached because of this barrier.

Because it looked like it was floating on the floor, many parents doubted its safety. However, you don’t need to worry. Products sold in the market usually meet safety standards. You can prevent unwanted things as long as you wear them the right way.

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