Newborns up to 3 months of age sleep 15-17 hours a day. You can choosing bassinets for your newborn baby. Hence, he needs a comfortable bed in order to sleep soundly. You can use baby bassinets to make this happen.

You can move the simple Baby Bassinet wherever you want, whether you place it in the bedroom or the nursery. If you buy baby bassinets, make sure that they are comfortable and safe for your little one, Moms! Here are tips from M&B on how to choose the right baby bassinets for a newborn.

Baby bassinets are only used briefly, generally until the baby is 5 months old, so you have to be smart in choosing the model. Currently, there are baby bassinets that are integrated with a playpen or cot that can be used as a place to play when your little one is growing up.

Baby Bassinet Safety

Choose those that have international standards because their security is more guaranteed. Make sure that each of your Baby Bassinet material has received a safety certificate for use for babies and children. Because the safety of your baby is the top priority in determining this Bassinet.

For choosing bassinets for your newborn baby, choose baby bassinets equipped with sturdy furniture support frames.

Make sure there are no gaps or empty spaces in the mattress and the edges of the bassinet, so that the baby is not caught between them.

Pay attention to the user manual and available features. Baby bassinets are generally designed for babies with a maximum weight of 12 kg. If your baby is over 12kg, you can customize or find another Bassinet that is more suitable.

In choosing a bassinet, you have to choose carefully, especially in terms of safety and comfort. Because the disruption of sleep can interfere with health.

Baby Bassinet Collection for Your Baby