A baby bassinet, bassinette, or cradle is a bed specifically for babies from birth to about four months. Furniture designers design bassinets generally to work with fixed legs or casters, whereas cradle are generally to provide a rocking or gliding motion.

Bassinets and cradles are distinguished from Moses baskets and carry cots, which are designed to be carried and sit directly on the floor or furniture. After four months, parents often transfer their baby to a crib (North American usage) or cot (UK usage).

In the United States, however, the bedside sleeper is the prevalent option, since they are generally bigger, people recommend up to 6 months, and often up to a year.

Bassinet usage in the United States nearly doubled to 20% from 1992–2006. Greater than 45% of babies up to two months used a bassinet.

By 5–6 months, however, fewer than 10% of babies sleep in bassinets. In a hospital setting, nurses use a special form sealing bassinet in a neonatal intensive care unit.

On many long haul flights, most airlines provide a bassinet for adults traveling with infants, that is, children under two years of age. There are restrictions on the use of baby bassinet. You must adjust them to the size and weight of the baby.

Passengers need to ask in advance on the airline. However, most USA and Canadian airlines have bassinet policies which mean they are only allocated at the airport gate.

Research has shown that the mattress influences SIDS outcomes; a firm mattress lowers SIDS risk.

Baby furniture designer designs multiple bassinet baskets for swaying or swinging freely, with many caregivers feeling their child calms down with this action. The process of lulling the child to sleep may be accompanied by prerecorded or live performance of lullabies.

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