Approaching the birth of the baby, every parent must be anxious about preparing everything, including the baby’s room decoration.

As one of the things parents usually prepare. Of course, the baby’s bedroom also needs to be designed as well as possible.

In general, parents buy all the furniture that the baby will use. Though usually the furniture is only used for a short period of time.

When babies don’t need these items, eventually the furniture is no longer used and they have to buy new furniture. Of course, this would be a huge waste of money and time.

For that, you can plan a baby’s bedroom decoration so that it can be used for a long time without having to make many changes. How to prepare a nursery decoration like this? Here are some tips.

5 Tips for the Baby’s Room Decoration for New Parents

Choosing a Baby’s Room Theme

The Importance of Preparing Themes When Decorating Your Child’s Room. When thinking about nursery decor, most people think simple. A pink theme for baby girls and light blue for baby boys, plus some pictures of babies or animals.

But as the baby grows, maybe pastel colors will make a child’s room unsuitable. You can plan a theme that is less “babyish” in the bedroom. You can choose neutral colors like white, black or brown because neutral colors can be used until your child grows up.

You can also add curtains that you can use until your child grows up. For example, a curtain with a plaid pattern in blue or red. This motif certainly won’t look ‘out of date’ so you can stick with it.

Decorating the Baby’s Room

Of course you want a nursery that looks cute, right? When you see a cute looking wallpaper for nursery decor you may immediately want to buy it.

If you really want to beautify the walls of your child’s room, you shouldn’t buy wallpaper. The reason is, when your child gets older, what he likes will change a lot.

You are better off coloring the child’s bedroom with wall paint that is easier to replace, compared to wallpaper.

Instead, you can install a sticker for the wall with the image the child wants. This kind of decoration is very easy to remove, so when your child’s wishes change, you can change it easily and cheaply.

Choose Durable Furniture Physically and Its Design

The next tip for making baby room decorations that are durable and long lasting is the selection of durable furniture.

That is, when you buy furniture, you should focus on the long term. It is not only a matter of physical durability for a long time, but also about how the furniture design will be liked by children for a long time.

Don’t forget about the capacity and size of your child’s bedroom. This is very influential, especially in choosing the type of furniture that your baby really needs.

Thus, you will not be wasteful and the purchased furniture is really what is needed for the long term. If you want to be more comfortable, you might consider making custom furniture.

Select an adjustable bed

Just because you are about to have a baby doesn’t mean you have to buy all the furniture that is just for babies, right?

One of them is about choosing a bed for babies. Is it because you have a baby that you have to buy a special baby bed? Not always!

A bed that you can change shape according to your needs can be a solution for long-term use. You can choose a baby’s cot model that can become into a child’s cot in just a few easy steps.

As a result, when your child is older, this bed can be turned into a sofa in the child’s room. Much more practical, right?

Focus on Function and Essence

The last tip in designing baby’s room decoration is to focus more on the aspects of function and also its essence. This principle, of course, will be very applicable in all things be it the selection of designs, furniture, baby equipment, and other knick-knacks.

For example, instead of just choosing a baby-themed interior design, why not one with a children’s theme in general?

This method will certainly be much more profitable for you as a parent and also for your children in the future. When one day they have their own choices and interests, then you can readjust and follow their tastes.

Try it to continue to learn to focus on its function and essence.

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