Furniture Ideas for the Baby Kids Room

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Finding baby furniture is tricky, so here are the furniture ideas for the baby kids room that we can give you as a reference. It’s easy because it’s easy to find and there are many choices. But there are difficulties because not all furniture is child-friendly and can be used in the long run.

Well, here are the pieces of furniture that can be an option for mothers who are preparing for their little one’s room.

Baby Bassinet

Zoey Bassinet - Rattan Kids Furniture
Zoey Bassinet – Rattan Kids Furniture

If you want to have your own baby’s room, there is the a lot of baby bassinet product for furniture ideas refference in rattan kids furniture collection. However, Our craftsmans create our baby bassinet products with strong and durable material. In addition, it is painted with paint that is safe for babies, besides that the wood material is free from chemicals.

The color is simple and neutral, namely natural rattan color. We include this bassinet with safety and durable base.

Diaper Changing Table

Calia Baby Change Table - Rattan Kids Furniture
Calia Baby Change Table – Rattan Kids Furniture

You can’t miss this if you make your own nursery room at home. Yep, a diaper changing table. This table itself makes it easy for us to change diapers because we don’t need to take diapers and other tools in different places. Mothers who are confuse about choosing a diaper changing table for their baby can make our product the best choice for convenience.

What is certain is that every time you buy this change table, we including this with a soft mattress and storage drawers for baby needs.

Children’s Bookshelf

Allegra Kids Wall Shelf - Rattan Kids and Nursery Wall Decor
Allegra Kids Wall Shelf – Rattan Kids and Nursery Wall Decor

There is nothing wrong with providing bookshelves for children since they were young. As we know books are ‘windows to the world’.

Then, what is the right bookshelf? Bookshelves that are right for children are bookshelves that are safe and make toddlers comfortable to pick them up. As an option, you can choose wall shelf or hanging rack from our kids decoration category products.

Do you have any furniture ideas for your baby kid’s room?

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